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How to Sign Up for ArbiterPay

If you have never used ArbiterPay, learn step-by-step how easy it is to sign up for ArbiterPay today!

Note: Debit cards can be acquired for a once time fee of $4.95 and will incur $0.50 fee per transaction.

ArbiterPay Account Basics

Learn how to add a personal bank account, manually transfer funds and apply auto-sweep to your ArbiterPay account.

Get Ready with ArbiterOne

Get Read w. ArbiterOne (1/4)

Receive the benefits of ArbiterPay with ArbiterOne. Learn how to log-in and link your ArbiterOne and ArbiterPay accounts, for first time users.

Get Ready w. ArbiterOne (2/4)

Learn how to add blocks to your calendar on days you are unavailable to accept assignments.

Get Ready w. ArbiterOne (3/4)

Add reoccurring blocks with the Date Range calendar feature in ArbiterOne.

Get Ready w. ArbiterOne (4/4)

Update your personal profile and let assigners know you're ready to be assigned with ArbiterOne.