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Paying Officials electronically is fast, easy and secure with ArbiterPay!​​​​​​​

ArbiterPay puts the convenience and cost savings of electronic payments at the payer's and payee's fingertips. With numerous options for issuing and receiving payments for assignments, ArbiterPay has a solution that's right for you!


  • Eliminates Pay Sheets
  • Eliminates Check Processing
  • Eliminates Bank Cashing Fees
  • Eliminates Mail Transit
  • Eliminates Bank Trips
  • Eliminates Lost/Stolen Checks
  • 24/7 Online Payment Tracking
  • Payment History
  • Unlimited Debit Card Loads
  • Unlimited Bank Transfers


  • Protects personal Information
  • Protects financial information
  • Conserves Environment/Resources
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Instant access to Funds
  • FREE to Sports Officials


"Paying Officials is now Fast, Easy & Secure."


No more mistakes and confusion.


View tutorials for help with your ArbiterSports product.


Tony Timmons

Get to know key traits of ArbiterPay Texas' company leader – revealing the fundamentals.

As former Director of Officials at the UIL, I understand the tremendous impact the new UIL 1204 Officiating fee increases will have on your school district's athletic budget.

To help offset these unavoidable fees, ArbiterPay Texas has worked side-by-side with ArbiterSports to afford Texas the opportunity to take advantage of ArbiterPay; an efficient system that promises to lower your district's overall payment processing expenses and reduce administrative costs, all while protecting official's private information.

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